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Zone therapist Pekka Parviainen - Kehoharmonia

Zone therapy treatment is very relaxing. It treats stress-related ailments such as insomnia and various disorders of the nervous system. It can also treat, for example, gastrointestinal disorders, oedema and hormonal disorders.

The basic idea of Zone therapy is that the body as a whole mirrors certain, similar areas of reflection, i.e., zones on the feet, hands, face, ears, and back on a smaller scale.  The main reflection area is the feet. The disorder in some parts of the body can be felt in certain regions of the feet, such as pain or structural tissue changes. A reaction is produced in a corresponding area in the body by stimulating this point in the foot. This triggers the body’s own healing forces, and the body begins to balance itself.

jalan vyöhyketerapia

Reflective areas are treated with thumb pressing and similar techniques. The actual treatment is performed on the feet, but the treatment can be made more effective, for example, by treating the reflective areas from other parts of the body and by using various special techniques, e.g. for relaxation.


Zone therapy strengthens and balances the body, increases immunity, treats various disorders, stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation as well as metabolism and relieves tension states.


Zone therapy can successfully treat, e.g. gastrointestinal problems,swelling, various pains and aches, neck and shoulder problems, hormonal disorders, urinary problems and baby colic. Reflexology treatment is very relaxing and thus effectively treats stress-related ailments such as insomnia, restlessness, and various neurological symptoms.

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